Gateway and Transition

STAR Programmes

Through the STAR programme, students can access a wide range of non conventional subjects at Year 12 and 13. These programmes are developed and co-ordinated by tertiary groups or private training organisations. Students can study:

  • Retailing
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality

From Year 12, students can attend taster courses at the local polytechnic or private training groups. Students can study a range of options from hairdressing and beauty therapy to the trades, farming or even a DJ music course. Participation in taster courses allows students to explore potential career pathways and make informed career choices about their education and future career options. We are also able to assist students with applications for tertiary courses.


The Gateway programme is at Level 2 and allows senior students the opportunity to be engaged in structured workplace learning. Students go out to work for a sustained period of time and have a clear understanding of the skills that they need to acquire. Each student pursues an individual learning plan and gains industry specific experience.

The programme is suited to students who want to test a particular career area or who are unsure of a career choice and want to try one possible option. This programme prepares students for the reality of today's workplace and enhances the prospects of gaining employment in their chosen area of interest.

Students also work to complete Industry Training Organisation (ITO) standards specific to the industry where they are placed.Training in First Aid, Interview Techniques and Work Safety is provided for all class members.

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