School Bus Info

For specific bus departure and arrival times please consult the Metlink website .

Grenada Village (route 626)
A new school bus service which departs from the top of Mark Avenue at 8:19am in the morning and with a return school bus service in the afternoon.

Johnsonville West (route 627)
Morning school bus will depart from Broderick Road at 8:18am, which is earlier than normal, to arrive at school before the start of school.
Afternoon school bus to Johnsonville West will be renumbered to route 627.

Johnsonville Station (route 56 in the morning and route 631 in the afternoon)
Morning school bus: no change - students can use public bus route 56.
Afternoon school bus: school route formalised to provide direct travel to Johnsonville Station.

Churton Park
In the mornings, the bus from Churton Park North (route 626) will pick up at Amesbury Drive, Waverton Terrace and Halswater Drive before going to Intermediate and College via Grenada Village. The bus from Churton Park South (route 628) will pick up at Middleton Rd, Burbank Cres, Abilene Cres and will then go via Helston Road. 
In the afternoons, one bus will depart for Churton Park North via Grenada Village (route 626); a second bus will also go to Churton Park North, but will go via Stewart Drive (route 633). A third bus will go to Churton Park South via Stewart Dr (route 632). These changes will provide more capacity to Churton Park North in the afternoons.

Wellington City
The school bus will no longer go to Wellington City (route 630). Use alternative public bus route (route 52).

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