Year 10

Year 10 students have a greater choice of optional subjects than in Year 9 but the emphasis at this level is still on the provision of broad and balanced education rather than specialisation in particular subjects. Further information can be obtained from the Subject Choice Site

Literacy and Numeracy Common Assessment Activity (CAA)

In 2024, NZQA will implement a compulsory Literacy and Numeracy examination.  For two years, Newlands College has piloted this examination to better understand the expectations and to ensure our students are fully prepared for the task. 

Each standard is worth 10 credits and success is critical as without them students are unable to gain NCEA qualifications.  

In 2023, Year 10 students will have two opportunities to sit the Literacy assessments: the first in Term 2 and the second in Term 4.   

Numeracy will be offered to Year 10 students in Term 4.  

The grades are Achieved or Not Achieved.   

The teachers facilitating the assessments are Amélie Kelder (Assistant Principal), Jo Dagger (Numeracy), and Jenny Brown (Literacy).

If you require any more information, please have a look at this link.

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