Property Developments

Our local community and the wider Northern Corridor is growing rapidly and schools in our area are having to cater for significant roll growth.  Newlands College will be undergoing significant property changes and developments over the next five years.  


The Phase 1 works started in 2021 with the old staffroom being demolished and a new staffroom is being built in 2022 to cater for a larger staff (pictured below).  This will also include a purpose built guidance centre which will include our Year Level Deans, Head of Careers/Transition and Guidance Counsellors.  This will be a fresh, open and inviting space for students.  


Phase 2 works begin at the start of 2022 with the library and three classrooms demolished and a new building containing 15 classrooms and library will be built over the course of three years.  In the meantime we will have relocatable classrooms delivered on site for the start of the 2022 year.


We will continue to update this page as the design and plans for the new building are finalised.

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