Annual Report


This is a link to the PDF of the Newlands College Financial Statements 2019.



The Board of Trustees is pleased to report the progress that the College made in 2019.

During the year the Board elections were held and there was very little change.  Jane Temel, the Deputy Chairperson resigned her position and was thanked for her outstanding contribution.  Sapphire Aitcheson was elected as a parent representative, and Ben Clark was the student representative.  All other existing members were returned.

Academic Results

The way in which the overall NCEA results are reported changed the previous year. These changes included: students being able to be counted for 3 different ethnicities, achievement required students to be in the school for at least 70 days, international students were excluded from the results, and results were reported cumulatively rather than for a single year. Our results when compared to similar schools as ourselves i.e. state, co-education, decile 9 are as follows:


Newlands College

National Mean

Decile 9 Schools

Level 1




Level 2




Level 3




University Entrance




Also of note is that our Pasifika and Māori students did extremely well, although in some cases using percentages can be misleading as the groups of students are small in numbers. For this reason, Level 3 and University has not been included as percentage reporting is meaningless.

Māori Level 1 63 (51%) Level 2 65 (63%) and for Pasifika, Level 1 76% (54%)

Level 2 80%(65%)

(National Results)

Female students who stayed until the end of Year 13, 93% achieved Level 2 and 93% of males gained the qualification.

We enjoyed success in the scholarship examinations with15 in total. Brandon Ru and Amber Zhu both gained three each


The students enjoyed success in a variety of forums.  These are listed below.

Academic Success

Dux Litterarum:

Amber Zhu and Brandon Ru

Proximae Accessit:        

Isaac Andrews

Wesley Broughton Award (Top year 12 Academic Achiever):

Ray Wu

Year 12 Runner-Up:

Victoria Bain

Top Academic Achiever Year 11:       

Kimberly Zhu

 Year 11 Runner-Up:       

Katie Chu-Fong

Top Academic Achiever Year 10:       

Rosie Meyer

Year 10 Runner Up: 

Anush Goel and Molly Zhou

Top Academic Achiever Year 9:

Ella Pan

Year 9  Runner Up: 

Abby Sangwine and Nayomi Thiagarajah

Celebration of Sports Awards

Male Sports Person of the Year:

Matthew Nel

Female Sports Person of the Year:

Lauren Smith

Achieving to the Highest Level in Sport:

Lauren Smith

Outstanding Contribution to Leadership and Sport:

Isabella Gates

Junior Sports Person of the Year:

Suizannah Kelekolio and Ngahau Tepaa

Performing Arts Awards

Kapa Haka Person of the Year:   

Zion Godwin

Person of the Year:            

Renata Iva-Reedy

Media Person of the Year:

Stella Blomfield

Writer and Speaker of the Year:   

Gabbi Conway

Actor of the Year:    

Issac Andrews

Musician of the Year:         

Senuka Sudushinge and Rhona Symon-Pellatt

Visual Artist of the Year:

Keeley Waller


Due to roll growth and promotions the college needed to employ 11 new staff.  We were extremely pleased to welcome the following for the start of the 2020 school year. Those staff marked with a * are beginning teachers

James Taylor                        Health and Physical Education*

Katrina de Graff                    Art

Stephanie Hopkirk                 English

Sandy Deng                          English

Jessica Knipping                    English/Media*

Lana Page                            Health and Physical Education

Nathan Jip                            Social Sciences*

Brendon Reddy                     Technology*

Rosaleen Sawaya                  Learning Support Co-ordinator

Karen Forsyth                       Social Sciences

Emma Hoey                          Learning Support Teacher

Annual Highlights

As with most years there were many highlights for us to us to celebrate.  A few of them included:

  • Our College Dux, Shine Wu won the Robertson Scholarship that paid all his tuition and accommodation to study at Duke University for four years
  • The College Production Beauty and the Beast played to full houses and received outstanding reviews
  • Our Kapa Haka group trained incredibly hard, and performed at the highest level at the regional competition
  • We had students travel overseas on the Japan Trip, Exchange to Germany, and the World Challenge in Thailand and Cambodia
  • We sadly fare welled our Papuan student who had brought so much joy and happiness to the College during the previous four years.


At the time of writing the 2019 Financial Report shows an unaudited surplus of XXXXXXX


Some progress has been made towards resolving the problem of our leaky buildings.  Some $10 million has been made available to replace two science labs, the library, repair the technology store room and repair the staffroom and workrooms.  Preliminary design work has begun with the hope of starting mid-2020.  Work is still being done to see if additional funding can be obtained to provide classrooms to cover roll growth.  Our roll has grown from 942 to 1024 between 2019-20


2019 was yet another successful year for the College. This is an enduring result of the ongoing vibrant and supportive teaching and learning environment that exists at

Newlands College.

It is great to see the high levels of achievement gained by students at all levels across both academic and co-curricular domains. We particularly note and celebrate that NCEA results continue to exceed national averages and that scholarship results were again the best ever for the College.

The Board would like to thank the staff whose commitment, ability and professionalism is a key factor in making the College the success it is today.

The Board would also like to acknowledge the leadership provided by our Principal, Grant Jones, who with the support and commitment of the senior management team, continue to raise the achievement benchmark for our staff and our students.

A key theme of almost every Board discussion is "how can we enable better educational outcomes for our students?" and it is deeply rewarding to see the results flowing from this focus.

Gavin Knight (Chairperson)

James Maulden (Deputy Chairperson)

Tom Logan

Sapphire Aitcheson

Brian Norris

Ben Lau (Staff Representative)

Glenn McStay

Ben Clarke (Student Representative)

Michelle Mako

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