Annual Report


This is a link to the PDF of the Newlands College 2021 Annual Report.

2021 Analysis of Variance

This is a link to the PDF of the Newlands College 2021 Analysis of Variance. 



The Board is pleased to report the progress that Newlands College made in 2021.

During 2021 the Board remained stable with all existing members completing the year.  The student elected board member was Josh Taufu and Adya Dutta succeeded him. She will begin her full term in 2022. Paige Puketapu was elected by the Komiti Māori and was co-opted on to the Board to provide further student representation.

Like 2020, COVID-19 became a feature of school life.  It felt at times that the College was trying to complete as much as possible before the inevitable lockdown occured. School Camp, the production Shrek, the school ball, and much of the winter sports programme was able to be completed.  However, the inevitable lockdown did occur.  This meant that much anticipated activities such as winter tournament and the NOSCARs could not take place.  Our awards ceremonies in term 4 were also impacted, with social distancing, mask wearing, and students only became the norm.  On the learning front, the experience from the previous year, allowed us to deliver distance learning via ZOOM and our results in the senior school were not overly impacted on.


The students did manage to enjoy success in a variety of forums.  These are listed below.

Academic Success

Dux Litterarum

Samuel Kurian

Proximae Accessit:

Girisha Goel and Kimberley Zhu

Wesley Broughton Award

(Top year 12 Academic Achiever):

Anush Goel

Year 12 Runner-Up

Molly Zhu

Top Academic Achiever Year 11:

Thomas Ru

Year 11 Runner-Up:

Ella Pan and Amy Piper

Top Year 10 Academic Achiever:

Lisa Tu, Danna Arado

Year 10 Runner-Up:

Sophia Wong

Top Academic Achiever Year 9:

Holly Robins

 Year 9 Runner-Up:

Winnie Tan

Celebration of Sports Awards

Sports Persons of the Year:

Tania Guttenbeil and Jonathan Cottle

Team of the Year:

1st XI Girls Football

Netball 10

AWD Sports Person of the Year

Tiffany Natta

Junior Sports Person of the Year:

Cara McCully and Bayley Puha-Harris

Performing Arts Awards

Arts Captain

Rose Aldridge

Creative Writer of the Year

Ronelle Pieterse

Kapa Haka Person of the Year

Rose Aldridge

Polyclub Person of the Year

Taupou Tauāfiafi-Muagututi’a

Musician of the Year

Laura Stone

Actor of the Year

Timothy Johnstone

Media Person of the Year

Stella Blomfield

NCEA and Scholarship

The way the results are determined by the Ministry of Education is as follows. Any student who has been in the school for 70 days is counted in the data. Also students, if they identify with more than one ethnicity, are counted in each of their chosen identities - with up to three choices. The data includes students who have not yet engaged with Level 1 on the curriculum (NCEA Level 1 is Level 6 on the curriculum) and students who left during the year.

NCEA Results (%)


Newlands College Mean

National Mean

Decile 9 Mean

Level 1




Level 2




Level 3




University Entrance




Also of note is that our Pasifika and Māori students did extremely well, although in some cases using percentages can be misleading, as some groups of students are small in numbers. For this reason, we have not included all the data. National means are in brackets:

Māori:              Level 1 71% (56%)      Level 2 100% (67%)     Level 3 70% (57%)

Pacific People: Level 1 72% (60%)      Level 2% 64% (70%)   Level 3 58% (63%)

Other academic results include Scholarship.  The successful candidates were:

Teran Abeydeera (Drama), Kimberly Zhu (Biology), Jason Xie (Physics and Chemistry), Anush Goel (English and Biology),  John Zhang (Physics and Calculus), Samuel Kurian (Chemistry and Technology)


Due to roll growth and promotions, the College needed to employ 10 new staff at the end of the year.  We were extremely pleased to welcome the following for the start of the 2022 school year. Those staff marked with a * are beginning teachers:

We are fully staffed for next year.  Our new apppointments are:

  • Amelie Kelder Assistant Principal
  • Sean Burns* Mathematics
  • Johanna Dagger Mathematics
  • Finn Perring* Music
  • Meghan Long Physical Education
  • Hannah Leath* Science
  • Ishanee Illangasinghe* Social Sciences
  • Polly Reardon* Social Sciences
  • Laura Williams* Social Sciences
  • Tyson Ratai* Te Reo Māori

Annual Highlights

Normally it would be easy to find many highlights to be commented on.  COVID-19 however, dramatically changed this and events such as the various awards evening which could still be held in a limited way were not quite the same without parents and families.

Two highlights that are worthy of comment that we were able to complete were the school production, Shrek, and our Kapahaka group performing at the regionals.

Shrek was special, as it had been postponed from the previous year.  The cast and crew worked extremely hard to bring the production to the stage, and while it was a close run thing, we were able to complete the season to capacity audiences.  It was an excellent effort.

The Kapahaka was also special, as the students had worked incredibly hard to be ready for the regionals.  This included holding five noho marae, and Te Haerenga to Whanganui, and many Sunday practices.  The students were excellent on the day and while they placed 6 of 14 teams they were only 2 points behind the third place getter.  It has always been challenging to compete against the different Ngā Kura Kaupapa which makes their effort even more special.


At the time of writing the 2021 Financial Report shows an unaudited surplus of $158 000


After the interruptions of 2020 we were pleased to be able to advance some of the property developments that had been planned for several years. The staffroom and guidance centre have been demolished and the building work has begun.  Hopefully this will be finished by the end of the year.

Design work for the library, science labs, music centre, and classrooms continues.  The demolition of the existing library as well as C1 and 2 plus B7 is underway with construction scheduled for later this year. It will take another 3-4 years to complete this project.

Other projects from different sources of money include reroofing A Block, rebuilding the storage room in the Tech Block, and reroofing the outdoor space in the Tech Block where the students complete their projects.

As part of all this work we have also had three relocatable classrooms brought on site.


2021 was yet another successful year for the College. This is an enduring result of the ongoing vibrant and supportive teaching and learning environment that exists at

Newlands College.

It is great to see the high levels of achievement gained by students at all levels across both academic and co-curricular domains. We particularly note and celebrate that NCEA results continue to exceed national averages.

The Board particularly acknowledges the great performance of the school over the last year in the context of continuing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. We thank our Principal and our Deputy Principals for their part in making this happen.

The Board would also like to thank the staff whose commitment, energy, ability and professionalism is a key factor in making the College the success it is today.

The Board would again also like to acknowledge the leadership provided by our Principal, Grant Jones, who with the support and commitment of the senior management team, continues to raise the achievement benchmark for our staff and our students.

A key theme of almost every Board discussion is "how can we enable better educational outcomes for our students?" and it is deeply rewarding to see the results flowing from this focus.


Gavin Knight (Chair)

Michelle Mako (Deputy Chair)

Tom Logan

Sapphire Aitcheson

Brian Norris

Ben Lau (Staff Representative)

Glenn McStay

James Malden

Josh Taefu (Student Representative)

Paige Puketapu(Student Representative)

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