International Student Testimonials

"I studied at Newlands College for five years and had an amazing time. The best part of this school is the diversity of students.This really allowed me to make so many different kinds of friends each with their own different lives, bettering me as a person. I also love how there are many opportunities to be offered. I was the International Student Representative on the School Executive Committee and was able to become the leader that I've always dreamed of being. I will definitely remember my five years at this school."

Jaeyun Han, South Korea

"New Zealand was just the best place for my exchange year; I had an awesome time at Newlands College. I felt welcomed right from the first day I arrived. I got two
buddies on my first school day that I’m still friends with a year later. I was never scared to be alone at lunch because people are so welcoming and we have the pavilion where most of the Internationals spend their break with friends and other internationals. The pavilion has a kitchen for people that bring food they want to heat up or food they want to make. It’s also right next to the International Dean's office so you can always just drop by if you have a question or a problem. My teachers always made time for my questions and even though I don’t know every
single word, I completed most of the exams and even got an Excellence grade on some of them. I made the most amazing friends who showed me around and introduced me to new foods and places. My favourite one here is probably the waterfront or the beach. I can only recommend staying in New Zealand and Newlands College."

Johanna Grützmacher, Germany

"I came to Newlands College in Year 12 and it was the two best years of my college life. As an actor, Newlands College is a great college that offers many opportunities for drama such as the Improv Club, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition and the One Act Competition, which all helped to develop me into who I am today. There are many fun subjects to choose from such as Art, Media, Physics or Economics. As a Vietnamese international student, I felt super lucky to be offered such a diverse range of subjects as we do not have them in my country. The students and staff were really friendly and always offered help when needed. Overall, I have made many memorable memories and important relationships at Newlands College in particular, and New Zealand in general that I will treasure for the rest of my journey."

Iris (Tran Nguyen Bao) Le, Vietnam

"My experience at Newlands College was amazing. The teachers have been so supportive of me, helping me and guiding me through Year 12. People here are so welcoming and helped make my experience while in New Zealand amazing. Also, the extracurricular opportunities the school provides helped me create so many new connections which were so important for me."

Lara Leal Maltez de Almeida, Brazil

"I had a very comfortable transition into my new welcoming environment at Newlands College. I made friends very quickly; my buddy was awesome and very helpful. He introduced me to his friend group so I quickly built connections with a wide range of people. My host family were amazing, they embraced me into their family and showed me many different sights around the Wellington region. They looked after me, the food they provided was delicious. They were open minded and took extra care of me.

Newlands College provides an excellent working environment; the teachers were friendly and experts in their field. The International Team went above and beyond to look out for me, they were approachable and provided a safe, caring environment.

Overall, I would highly recommend to everyone who is open minded to have an experience such as mine."

Alexander Hartschuh - from Heidelberg, Germany

"During my stay, Newlands College provided me with many great extracurricular opportunities such as programming competitions, debating and organising a TEDx event. I was incredibly well  supported by professional, knowledgeable and caring teachers throughout my school journey."

John (Xiaowen) Zhang from China

"I am an international student from Vietnam. Newlands College was a great experience for me.  During my time at the school I made a lot of friends and had really fantastic teachers. They guided me through my high school years and helped me become the person I am today.  As a result of my success at Newlands College, I am now studying at tertiary level in New Zealand."

Harry (Dinh Hien) Vu from Vietnam

"I have had a good time at Newlands College with friends, internationals and also the domestics. All are very nice and friendly. School has high quality activities and I had a very good time at the camping trip I did in Year 11 with different people I met from around the world. The support of the International team at school is always available when we need it. School appreciates every success that students make by giving them prizes and awards each year to encourage them more."

Libie (Phan Quynh Huong) Nguyen from Vietnam

"Time has flown so fast in the past two years; it’s really sad to say goodbye to wonderful people at Newlands College who meant so much to me. The diversity of Newlands College students is amazing and everyone gets plenty of support to adapt to the New Zealand school system really quickly. All the staff constantly provided support and showed consideration for international students. The teachers and my homestay family always checked up on me about workload, friends and every little matter that I might struggle with, and this made me feel like I belonged in school, which was an amazing experience. Overall, the support at Newlands College is first class."

Soyoon Lim from Korea

"I have had lots of memorable times at Newlands College. The students are awesome, and the teachers are so enthusiastic and dedicated. During two years studying at Newlands College, I have learned a lot of new things and met really good people who have all helped me to grow. In Vietnam, I did not even know how to take the bus by myself, but since moving to New Zealand I have learnt how to organise myself and catch a bus to get to school on time. I have also learnt how to manage my time to complete assignments before the due dates. I have found myself to be a lot more mature over the past two years. The school and my host family have helped me a lot and comforted me because I have to live far away from my family. I am so grateful to Newlands College and everyone who made “a Ruby” like today. I appreciate all things I have learnt and experienced since I have been here."

Ruby (Do Minh Ngoc) Nguyen from Vietnam

"I had a good experience in Newlands College. My three years here have been fun. I hung out with friends and participated in school’s activities. People were nice, and teachers were encouraging and very understanding."

Diana (Sreypich) Vong from Cambodia

"I have had a lot of good times with domestic friends. People are very nice to me. School has heaps of activities for us to be involved in as well. School has all the equipment and everything we need for study. Newlands College is supportive with everything we need or even personal things. Newlands College is very good at acknowledging student successes, such as having awards for students who gain a lot of NCEA Excellence credits. I love how Mrs Barbara always keeps asking if everything is alright which made me feel good, and that shows me how they care and worry about us. It is so easy to get to school as there are many buses to and from school for students' comfort."

Woonsen (Punyaporn) Phansombun from Thailand

"Even though I was only at Newlands College for one year, I had a really awesome time. I met a lot of good friends and I never felt bored during school time because Newlands College has so many activities that I could join and enjoy. I performed guitar in a school band, as well as being a solo performer, and I joined a dance group which was really, really fun. I had a brilliant time at Newlands College and I am glad I chose to come here."

Max (Makoto) Giga from Japan

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