School Reports

Two sets of school reports are generated as the school year progresses.  These are the Me Whakamātau Reports and written Academic Reports.  Both reports are electronic.

Me Whakamātau Reports

Hoki whakamuri, kia anga whakamua.

Reflect on your learning to forge the future.

Our Me Whakamātau reports embody the values of our school vision.  The aim of these reports is to bring our school values to life in the classroom through authentic learning experiences.  The Me Whakamātau reports measure how well students are developing the Newlands College school values in their everyday being.  As students demonstrate the school values they encapsulate the spirit of Me Whakamātau.

The rubrics for each of the school values are to be used as indicators of progress against the school values.  Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their progress by completing regular self-reflection tasks using the rubrics in all classes, including Wā Ako.

The rubric will be shared with whānau and can be used as a tool to create meaningful learning conversations in partnership with whānau.

Ultimately, the purpose of these reports is to reflect how well our akonga embody our school values as we believe that it is these skills that akonga need to be successful lifelong learners and connected citizens.

Me Whakamātau reports:

  • measure students’ progress against our school values
  • include Wā Ako and all learning areas
  • encourage explicit teaching of values in our classrooms
  • encourage self-reflection
  • make expectations transparent through the rubrics
  • aim to create dialogue between whānau/teacher/student
  • could be supported by a weekly report for students still developing one of the values
  • are completed twice a term with a focus on two of the four values in each reporting round
  • students gain one grade for each school value
  • are to be used as conversation starters in form time as an open dialogue between kaiako and akonga

The data is entered via KAMAR markbooks.  In the week of the deadline staff are given the Wednesday morning meeting slot to give careful consideration to these reports.  The rubric will be shared with staff.  The deadline is Thursday every three weeks.

Academic Reports

Academic Reports have replaced the traditional paper school reports.  There are two whole school deadlines throughout the year:

  • End of Term 2
  • End of Term 3

These written reports can be either assessment based or be a more general, learning behaviour comment.  Both approaches must include next learning steps.  College whānau will be notified that reports are ready on the following Monday from the due date.

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