Ms S Kader (Co-ordinator and Coach of Premier B team)

Ms J Hayton (Coach of Senior Certificate Team)

Mr T Corbett (Coach of Junior Certificate Team)

Ms K Matthews (Coach of Junior Certificate Team)

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The Junior certificate, Senior Certificate and Premier B debating teams participate in inter-college debates over the course of the year as set out in the calendar by the Wellington Speaking Union.

During the course of the year, a senior team will be coached to participate against Onslow College in an annual debate (July) that is organised by the Lion's Club and to date Newlands has been the winner for the past two years now. There are also other competitions:

The Premier B debating team has already been registered to participate in the NZSDC (New Zealand Regional Schools Debating Championships over the weekend of 23-24 March. This is held at Wellington College and debaters from this team will really benefit from this competition as they will get the opportunity to hone their skills against other teams.

WSU also organises the Impromptu Cup later in the year and this is open to any of the senior debaters.  New Zealand Schools' British Parliamentary Championships is also on the cards but as it is held in Auckland and students have to pay for accommodation and registration costs.

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Premier B with Ms Kader in A6 – lunch time on Wednesdays

Senior Certificate with Ms Hayton in C2 - lunch time on Thursdays

Junior Certificate with Mr Corbett in A5 - lunch time on Mondays 

Junior Certificate with Ms Matthews in C1- lunch time on Mondays

TERM: 1-3


Premier B - $20 per student for WSU

Premier B-$60 per team for the NZSDC

Senior and Junior Certificate Teams - $10 per student

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