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10 December 2021

Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata,

Ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tīna.

Seek to bring distant horizons closer, and sustain and

maintain those that have been arrived at.

Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa

I have chosen this whakatauki as it encourages people to have vision, and to strive to bring that vision closer to a realisation. What has already been achieved must be strengthened and nurtured. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the realities of tomorrow. This is particularly true as our students are learning in challenging times and they must not forsake their aspirations.

Our school year has now come to a close.  The Principal’s messages that you have seen will describe all the highlights that we have been able to achieve, despite the challenges of another lockdown and the increasing concerns over COVID-19 and its spread.  There have been many highlights, and these include: the production of Shrek, performing at the Kapa haka Regionals, the Big Sing, the School Ball, completing our interschool sports competitions in multiple codes and academic success.

We have held several ceremonies, to celebrate these successes, the last one being our Junior Prizegiving.  Unfortunately, parents were unable to attend because of social distancing restrictions, but livestreaming was available as a compromise.

Our Senior Prizegiving, is certainly a highlight where we are able to celebrate the academic successes that our students have achieved.  This year our top academic award winners for Years 11-13 were:

Academic Success

Dux Litterarum                                    Samuel Kurian

Proximae Accessit:                               Girisha Goel and Kimberley Zhu

Wesley Broughton Award                     

(Top year 12 Academic Achiever):          Anush Goel

Year 12 Runner-Up                               Molly Zhu

Top Academic Achiever Year 11:            Thomas Ru

Year 11 Runner-Up:                             Ella Pan and Amy Piper

At the recent Junior Prize giving held last Wednesday, our top awards went to:

Top Year 10 Academic Achiever:

Lisa Tu, Danna Arado

Year 10 Runner-Up:

Sophia Wong

Top Academic Achiever Year 9:   

Holly Robins

Year 9 Runner-Up: 

The College Association Trophy

The Roberts Family Trophy – Service to School

Winnie Tan

Year 10 Bayley Puha-Harris

Year 9 Holly Robins

Ethan Dodd

The end of the year contained our 2 Day Discovery where the students had the opportunity to try different things.  It was a day shorter than usual because of the Ministry Of Education mandated Teacher–only-Day. The students were offered a wide range of exciting activities, everything from learning to surf, making films around the city to learning to knit and soap making. Interestingly though, some of the activities provided by outside organisations now require the students to provide evidence that they are fully vaccinated  The students enjoyed these activities and we feel it was a good way to finish the year.


We are fully staffed for next year.  Our new apppointments are:

  • Finn Perring           Music
  • Amélie Kelder           Assistant Principal
  • Tyson Ratai           Te Reo Māori
  • Johanna Dagger           Mathematics
  • Sean Burns           Mathematics
  • Meghan Long           Physical Education
  • Hannah Leath           Science
  • Laura Williams           Social Sciences
  • Ishanee Illangasinghe Social Sciences
  • Polly Reardon Social Sciences

At our recent Prizegiving we farewelled and thanked:

  • Mr Staples has moved to Motueka
  • Mr Abernethy who retired.
  • Mr Maclean who plans to travel overseas
  • Ms Crosby who plans to travel overseas
  • Mr Lander, who was a student here back in the 1990s and returned as a Music and Social Studies teacher also plans to travel overseas

I would like to thank them all for their contribution to our College.

For more information about our 2022 start-up, including dates, these can found at


Next year is also going to be a year of significant challenge for us as we manage COVID-19 and the requirement for double vaccinations (and soon boosters) for students.  We offer a wide range of activities that involve outside providers, and their requirements for students to be double vaccinated impacts on our student’s ability to participate.  School sport, for example, requires all students to be double vaccinated, if not, they cannot play. With sports such as cricket, which begins in early February, this provides a very tight time frame.  Other examples include the school production (because we attend a production camp) and virtually all EOTC activities. If a student is not vaccinated and wishes to participate in these activities next year, then this is something that needs to be carefully considered. 


Once again, we are posting a Retrospective of the school year. This will give you the opportunity to reminisce about the year that was; by browsing through each term, that includes highlights, videos, photos and write-ups, all in one handy location.

It can be found here


I hope that you all have a good break. Next year we look forward to welcoming our new Year 9s, which again will be a very large group of approximately 240 students.

Ngā mihi nui

Grant Jones

For any other information, please visit our website

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