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3rd September 2019

Kia Ora Tatou

Mai i te kōpae ki te urupa, tātou ako tonu ai –

From the cradle to the grave we are forever learning

Derived Grade Assessments

The seniors have recently completed their derived grade assessments.  These were undertaken in the College Hall, and replicated examination conditions that the students would find at the end of the year.  For the year 11 students this would have been a new experience for them and one that was intensive.  One of the things that I found quite different this year was the number of students using their devices to complete their assessments.  In the Level 2 English assessment over 90% of the students fell into this category.  I was pleased with the robustness of the network to cope with all the students logging on at the same time and managing the process. 


One of the important parts of the assessments is the feedback that the students will now receive.  Assuming that they prepared for the assessments as best they could then they will receive valuable insights into where they are up to with their learning and where they need to focus further. This of course may well mean seeking additional help from their teachers


In the next week or so, these results will be posted on the portal.  I would encourage you to check these and discuss the results with your son or daughter.  You will be able to see if they have achieved their assessments, at what level, have they got enough pre-requisites for the courses they may want to take next year, and how many credits that they have still available to them. All of these things are extremely important when planning for the end of the year.


There are approximately four weeks left to the end of the term and as mentioned just over two weeks in Term 4.  Allowing for interruptions such as the Risk Management Trip, Winter Sports Tournaments, several subjects having out of class assessment trips, and Labour Day, most subjects probably have 15-20 periods left until the end of the year. Needless to say, time is short and students will need to make the most of what little they have.

2019 Newlands College 2 Netball Team

Option Choices

With the derived grade assessments now complete, students in Year 12 and 13 will be selecting their subject choices for next year.  What makes for a good course varies between each individual.  It can often be determined by what the student wants to do when they leave school, what a training organisation or tertiary provider requires as a prerequisite and what the student enjoys.  Increasing though we find students who want to pursue different courses when they leave school and they have not taken subjects that will support their study.  For example, psychology is becoming more popular but an understanding of statistics at university level is important.

When making subject choices, it is important that families discuss what the selection will be and I strongly recommend that a conversation with our Careers and Transition Advisor, Ms Te Morenga be had.

Our junior students whose choice is more limited have been making their selections in the last couple of weeks and this process should now be completed.

Up-Coming Important Events

Term 4 is nearly upon us and it is the time that we like to celebrate our student successes.  The second last week of term is the NOSCARS, then early next term we have Senior NCEA Art Portfolios, Celebration of Sports, Arts Awards and Senior Prize giving. The dates can be found below.

NOSCARS: 19 September

Senior NCEA Art Portfolios: 16 October

Celebration of Sports: 17 October

Arts Awards: 22 October

Senior Prize Giving: 31 October


A special congratulations to our Newlands College 2 Netball team.  They began the season playing Collegiate A, won their way into the Premier Reserve 5 competition and have now won this, meaning the team will play in the Premier 4 Reserve competition next year.

A huge achievement by the team and their coaches.

Nga Mihi Nui

Grant Jones

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