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Student Withdrawal

International students who wish to withdraw from Newlands College must:

  1. Provide written approval from their parents one month before departure.
  2. Complete the school's leaving form.
  3. Give homestay parents and the school, two weeks notice if this involves terminating their homestay arrangements.

Attendance Requirements

All students are expected to have an excellent attendance record. Any absences must be explained (preferably in advance) by a phone call or letter from the homestay parent or designated caregiver.

If the student has regular unexplained absences, three written warnings will be issued and the student may be asked to withdraw from Newlands College. This will result in immigration being notified and the student visa being cancelled.

Termination of the Tuition Contract

In the case of unexplained absenteeism or problems with behaviour the International Student Committee will give students and parents three written warnings to allow for some improvement. At this time, students and parents are entitled to respond in writing to allow for the Principal to consider the matter. If there is no improvement, the International Student Tuition Contract will be revoked.

International students who fail to comply with the international student contract requirements could result in the contract being revoked at which point the student would no longer be able to attend Newlands College. It is likely that the visa/permit would then be revoked by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

International students are subject to exclusion or expulsion in accordance with the Education (Stand-down, Suspension, Exclusion and Expulsion) Rules 1999.





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